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For all of you, the protagonists of modern entrepreneurship, it’s all about innovation, the idea that will make the difference in the face of competition. It is the same with us!
Following closely the developments worldwide in the field of conferences and corporate events, we create for all of you cutting-edge menus that bedazzle with their delectable originality, fresh ingredients and exceptional presentation.

A formal corporate dinner or a relaxed business lunch, cocktail finger food or a gala dinner. Whatever you may be planning, you can rely unreservedly on the VENICE Boutique Catering team to handle every detail from start to end.

Right place – right time

If the right timing makes for half the success of a professional project,
the right place makes for the other half!
The venue where a business event takes place, its ambience,
the facilities it provides, the capacity to be adapted to different needs
are crucial factors for its success.
That’s why we continuously seek new venues that will make a positive impression on your partners or clients.
Hidden corners in the heart of the city or in the countryside that create a sensation
and make the difference to the promotion of your professional objectives.
Whatever your professional plans, the innovative services of VENICE Boutique Catering are here,
to fuel... your own new business venture!

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