A Taste Journey...

Piazza San Marco and Palazzo Ducale... an evening stroll by the Seine, under the streetlights of the Champs-Elysées... a loft in Manhattan, overlooking the Big Apple... some moments are a journey… and they are unique.
Moments of bliss that you will keep alive in your memory for a lifetime – and so will your guests.

With your personal taste and with the seal of our professional expertise and attention to detail, we turn every event into a momentous experience.

VENICE Boutique Catering

Your Bespoke Catering

At Venice Boutique Catering, we are not into taking care of just another event. We are into taking care of you personally.

We believe that the first step to a successful partnership is to listen attentively to your real needs, to respect your wishes and to bring together all the “materials” in order to create your own bespoke event, one that will reflect your unique taste and personality.

No matter how simple or extravagant your wishes and needs or the concept and particular style of your event are, whatever your budget, at VENICE Boutique Catering we are prepared to take on the challenge and design events exclusively for you!

Your Bespoke Cuisine

- Guided by our passion for first-rate culinary creations with impeccable presentation and materials of the highest quality...

- Always on top of the latest trends in international gastronomy...

- Under the supervision of VENICE Boutique Catering executive chefs and pastry chefs...

- With the capacity to create fully customized menus, including vegetarian dishes or dishes for specific dietary requirements...

our experienced and versatile team promises culinary creations that will fully meet your specific, personal wishes and satisfy the most demanding palates.

At VENICE Boutique Catering, the cuisines of the World are brought masterfully together.

Top quality, pure ingredients coming from small Greek producers and “in-season” produce are put together to create our artisanal Greek cuisine. Choice selections from all corners of the earth, including some of the top international appellations of origin: from Perigueux Noir in France and Emilia-Romagna in Italy, to the Far East and Latin America, for an authentic tuna tataki or chimichangas guacamole.

Everything is here, on the “countertop” of VENICE Boutique Catering. Let’s select and create together your own signature menu for any event. You see, in gastronomy, it’s a common secret that personal inspiration is the ingredient that makes the difference! 

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